The Classification and Use for Silver Powder

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1, Silver powder information
Silver powder is one of the most widely used metal powders in the electronics industry, the CAS No. is 7440-22-4. In recent decades, with the advancement of science and technology, especially the rapid development of the electronics industry, the preparation of silver powder has made great progress in both technology and equipment, and has been quite mature.

2, The classification of silver powder
Silver powder can be classified into the following types according to the particle size. 5μ m: Fine silver powder: average particle size of 10 ~ 40 μ m; 
fine silver powder: average particle size of 0. 5 ~ 10 μ m; 
ultrafine silver powder: average particle size is less than 0. 5 μ m. 
Generally, a particle size of less than 0.1 μm is called nano silver powder.

3, Use
Silver powder is an important material in the electrical and electronic industries. It is the most widely used precious metal powder in the electronics industry. It is the basic functional material for thick paste, electric resistance, ceramics, dielectric and other electronic pastes. 

In recent years, nano-particles and nano-materials have become one of the research hotspots in the field of materials science. In addition to some properties of conventional silver powder, nano-scale silver powder has special properties and can be used as conductive silver paste. 

Adding nano-silver to chemical fiber fabric can change its conductivity and make chemical fiber fabric have strong bactericidal ability. Nano-silver crystals, as heat exchangers for dilution refrigerators, are 30% more efficient than conventional materials. Nano-silver powder is also a very good catalyst in organic synthesis. It can be seen that silver powder has broad application prospects.