The color of ferric nitrate solution?

Submitted by admin on Thu, 12/13/2018 - 07:25

Iron nitrate is  colorless or lavender monoclinic crystal,
True Fe3+ ions and hexahydrate Fe3+ ions are lavender.
However, due to the usual pH conditions, hydrated Fe3+ ions are easily hydrolyzed.

Partially hydrolyzed products such as Fe(OH)2+ and other hydroxylates and oxyhydroxides, OH- and O2- as ligands, their coordination field effect is very strong.

The 3d energy level of Fe3+ is changed to yellow and yellowish brown, which also makes the solution yellow.

In Fe(NO3)3 crystal, Fe3+ is composed of NO3- as a ligand
Without H2O or OH- as a ligand, Fe3+ will not hydrolyze.

Moreover, the coordination field effect of NO3- is weak and has no effect on the 3d energy level of Fe3+.

Therefore, Fe3+ exhibits its original color in Fe(NO3)3 crystal, namely lavender, Of course, its dilute solution is pale yellow.

If it is a concentrated solution, add concentrated HNO3 to inhibit its hydrolysis.

Due to NO3- participation, the color will approach lavender color.

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