Development of metal powder injection process

Submitted by admin on Thu, 12/06/2018 - 09:37

The technology of metal powder injection process has the conventional powder metallurgy process, without cutting or less cutting, high economic efficiency, but also overcomes the shortcomings of traditional crafts, and now the application field is very extensive, such as the use of the car in the field, greatly improving the work efficiency and quality.

Application of metal powder injection molding

The technology because of the large amount of binder as a means of enhanced flow, so it can be like a plastic industry as any forming complex metal parts, which is the traditional powder metallurgy molding process can not reach. And because injection molding is a near net forming process, basically do not need to follow-up processing, making the cost of manufacturing parts greatly reduced, the need for dozens of machine processing parts can be formed once.

In addition, because of the uniformity of the flow filling mold cavity during injection molding, the density of the product in the process is uniform, and the density inhomogeneity of the PM molding process is avoided. And because of the use of fine powder, the product can achieve high density after sintering, so the mechanical properties of the product is superior to the molding and precision casting products. At present, the technology is mainly used for oil supply system of automobile fuel injectors, safety accessories, auto accessories, electric seat adjustment device of airbag sensing device parts and automotive interior parts production in automobile industry.

Metal powder injection molding has been developed from industrial applications including automotive, sports, jewelry, hand tools, aerospace, computers, mobile phones, etc.. Consumer products include watches, latches, hinge glasses and luggage buckle.