Effect of Nano Nickel Powder

Submitted by admin on Thu, 12/06/2018 - 09:34

At present, the use of the battery industry, Nano Nickel Powder, the Canadian company INCO the most famous production of carbonyl method. But this method produces flammable and toxic nickel carbonyl in the production process, the product can only achieve micron level. 

INCO company in order to monopolize the world market, its technology is extremely confidential. The synthesis and refinement process of this new method invented by Central South University's unique composition, accurate, powder size, controllable morphology, thermal decomposition temperature is low, the product performance is stable, reproducible, and non-toxic, no pollution, environmentally friendly, the product performance compared with INCO-T210, carbon, oxygen, iron, sulfur, than the physicochemical parameters of surface area is more excellent. 

According to the Central South University and the Shenzhen gold south of the Five Ridges Limited by Share Ltd has completed the completion of the pilot production line 80t/a confirmed that the production cost of less than INCO of similar products in the international sales price of 1/2. If the method is implemented in our country, it can not only meet the domestic market demand for nickel powder, but also save a lot of foreign exchange. Moreover, due to the adoption of the new technology, the cost has a certain advantage, can enter the international market.

Ultrafine nickel powder uses: high performance electrode material; multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC); magnetic fluid, radiation functional fiber; catalyst; conductive paste; powder forming, injection molding filler; sintering additives for diamond tool manufacturing; conductive coating of metal and nonmetal; the special coating, as selective solar energy absorbing coating; absorbing materials; magnetic fluid; combustion; magnetic materials; magnetic health care field etc..