FeSiAl alloy powder

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FeSiAl alloy powder is a kind of deoxidizer used in steelmaking, which can improve the form of inclusions and reduce the content of gas elements in molten steel. For sial-al-ferroalloy production, there are two kinds of raw material processing methods: ore reducing agent directly into the furnace after the batching process and then into the furnace after the batching process.FeSiAl alloy powder is a kind of deoxidizer used in steelmaking

The application of FeSiAl alloy powder in deoxidization has proved that the effect is good. Compared with aluminum deoxidization, the yield of aluminum is high, the residual aluminum is easy to control, and the morphology of inclusions is improved.

After the adoption of si-al alloy, the element recovery rate is high, mainly because the specific gravity of the alloy increases, the specific gravity of aluminum is 2.7g/cm3, the specific gravity of si-al iron (FeAl30Si20) is 3.5-4.2g/cm3, and the specific gravity of the final slag is generally 2.8-3.2g/cm3.

The main difficulty in smelting this FeSiAl alloy powder is the rise of furnace bottom. The main reason is that after carbides are formed in the furnace, the resistivity decreases, causing the electrode to be lifted up, so that the furnace bottom temperature is insufficient, forming a false furnace bottom. In addition, due to the small difference in the specific gravity between the alloy and the slag formed in the smelting process, it is easy to cause that the slag iron in the smelting process cannot be fully separated. The higher the si-al content in the ferroalloy, the more obvious this situation is.

FeSiAl alloy powder has good deoxidization effect, which is generally believed to be the generation of complex deoxidization products, and the reduction of oxide activity, which is conducive to the deoxidization reaction. In addition, it is easy to produce low melting point phase, which makes inclusion easy to polymerize and promote floating removal. When aluminum and sial30si20 are deoxidized, the total aluminum content of steel is higher than that of the latter, while the acid-soluble aluminum of the latter is higher than that of the former, indicating that the inclusion of aluminum oxide is greatly reduced when ferrosilicon is adopted.