High carbon ferrochrome

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High carbon ferrochrome is natural block.  High chromium is assessed by 50% chromium content. Mainly used in stainless steel, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel mainly comes from chromium. Experiments show that only when the content of chromium exceeds 12%, the corrosion resistance of steel will be greatly improved. Therefore, the content of chromium in stainless steel is generally not less than 12%. So the supply and demand situation of chromite is closely related to the supply and demand situation of stainless steel market.High carbon ferrochrome is natural block  mainly used in stainless steel,

The smelting methods of high carbon ferrochromium include blast furnace, electric furnace and plasma furnace. Special pig iron containing about 30% chromium can only be produced by using blast furnace. Up to 2012, most high carbon ferrochromium with high chromium content was smelted in submerged arc furnace by flux method.

It can be used as alloying agent for ball steel, tool steel and high speed steel with high carbon content to improve hardenability, wear resistance and hardness of steel; as additive for cast iron to improve wear resistance and hardness of cast iron, and to make cast iron have good heat resistance; as chromium-containing raw material for slag-free production of silicon-chromium alloy and medium, low and micro-carbon ferrochromium; as electrolytic production of metal chromium. Raw material containing chromium; used as raw material for smelting stainless steel by oxygen blowing method.