History of Metal silicon

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Attention was aboriginal declared by Antoine Lavoisier to the silica oxide as accessible a basal actinic aspect fatigued to abstract in 1787. After an attack to silicon in 1808, Sir Humphry Davy called "silicon" proposed for silicon, the Latin silica Silicis for Flint, and abacus the "-ium" ends, because he believed that it is a metal was.

In 1811 Gay-Lussac and Thénard are admixed baggy silicon to accept able by heating potassium afresh abandoned metal with silicon tetrafluoride, but apple-pie them and analyze the artefact or analyze them as new element.Silicon was in 1817 by the Scottish chemist Thomas Thomson accustomed its present name. It preserves a allotment of the name of Davy, but added, "-one" because he believed that silicon was agnate nonmetal boron and carbon.

In 1823 Berzelius able baggy silicon as the aforementioned adjustment as Gay-Lussac (potassium metal and potassium fluorosilicate) use, but to absolve the artefact of a amber crumb by again washing. Therefore, it is usually accustomed the acclaim for the analysis of the element.

Silicon in its a lot of accepted apparent anatomy was alone 31 years for alertness of Deville. For a admixture of sodium chloride and aluminum chloride, absolute about 10% silicon electrolysis it was able to get after in 1854. hardly admixed allotrope of silicon, added able methods accept been developed for assorted forms of allotropic abstract to be the latest silicene.