How to reduce the cost of Niobium oxide

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In the metallurgy and materials industry, the use of Nb2O5 has continued to increase in recent years, albeit at a small rate. However, its usage is still the largest, the price is lower and more stable, and the requirements of quality standards have not changed much. As competition intensifies, production of Niobium oxide is almost unprofitable. Therefore, ensuring quality and reducing costs is the only way for manufacturers. To reduce costs, there are several suggestions for reference.

(1) According to the specific standards and uses of Niobium oxide, the grades of raw and auxiliary materials, such as industrial grade or reagent grade; tap water, soft water, electroosmotic water, pure water, high purity water, ultrapure water, etc., are reasonably selected to reduce the cost of raw materials.

(2) Increasing the concentration of Niobium oxide solution to reduce the ammonia consumption of the neutralization precipitate. Pay attention to the precipitation temperature to reduce ammonia consumption.

(3) Increasing the washing water temperature, making the fluorine washing effect significant; increasing the number of mixing times to reduce water consumption; countercurrent washing can fully improve water use efficiency and reduce water consumption.

(4) According to the different requirements of customers, different calcination processes and energy-saving equipment, such as rotary tube electric furnace, push boat electric furnace, gas furnace, etc., are selected to reduce energy consumption.

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