Industrial use of Bismuth

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Bismuth is a silvery white to pink metal that is brittle and easy to pulverize. Bismuth is chemically stable. Bismuth exists in nature in the form of free metals and minerals.

1. Bismuth is mainly used in the manufacture of fusible alloys. The melting point ranges from 47 to 262 'C. The most commonly used alloys are metals such as lead, tin, antimony and indium. They are used for safety devices for fire-fighting devices, automatic sprinklers and boilers. In the event of a fire, the pistons of some water pipes will "automatically" melt and spray water. Used in the fire and electrical industry as an automatic fire extinguishing system and electrical fuses and solders. Niobium alloys have the property of not shrinking when solidified, and are used for casting printed typefaces and high-precision molds. Carbonate Bismuth and Nisgen Bismuth are used to treat skin lesions and gastrointestinal disorders.

2, Used in the manufacture of low-melting alloys with special importance in fire protection and electrical safety devices

3, Used in analytical chemistry to detect Mn. Bismuth is a low melting point alloy for use in auto-closers or movable alloys.