Industrial use of Cobalt

Submitted by admin on Thu, 10/18/2018 - 09:01

The physical and chemical properties of Cobalt determine that it is an important raw material for the production of heat-resistant alloys, hard alloys, anti-corrosion alloys, magnetic alloys and various Cobalt salts. Cobalt-based alloys or Cobalt-containing alloy steels are used as vane blades, impellers, ducts, jet engines, rocket engines, components of missiles, and various high-load heat-resistant components in chemical equipment and important metal materials for the atomic energy industry.

Cobalt as a binder in powder metallurgy guarantees a certain toughness of cemented carbide. Magnetic alloys are indispensable materials in the modern electronics and electromechanical industries for the manufacture of various components of acoustic, optical, electrical and magnetic equipment. Cobalt is also an important part of permanent magnetic alloys. In the chemical industry, in addition to high-temperature alloys and anti-corrosion alloys, Cobalt is also used in colored glass, pigments, enamel and catalysts, desiccants and the like.

According to the British "Metal Guide", the demand for Cobalt from the hard metal sector and superalloys is relatively strong. In addition, Cobalt has the highest growth rate in the battery sector. According to domestic reports, Cobalt's application in the battery industry, diamond tool industry and catalyst industry will be further expanded, so the demand for metallic cobalt is on the rise.
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