Iron nitride

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Iron nitride is an inorganic compound, gray powder, insoluble in water, and may release ammonia after heating or exposure to humid environment.The appearance of iron nitrides is basically grey powder. Iron has four kinds of nitrides: Fe2N, Fe3N1 + x, Fe4N and Fe16N2. They are crystalline metallic solids.Iron nitride is an inorganic compound

Iron nitride is a nitride consisting of transition metals of the 7th and 8th groups, which decomposes at relatively low temperatures. The molecule nitrogen of Fe2N in iron nitrides will lose and decompose at temperatures above 400 C, and form iron-nitrogen compounds with low nitrogen content. They are insoluble in water.

Colloidal magnetic iron nitride solution containing nanoparticles can be used to manufacture magnetic fluids. At the same time, iron nitride can also be used as a catalyst. Because of its high specific capacity, high charge-discharge efficiency and good cycle stability, carbon-coated lithium-ion batteries can be used as anode materials. In addition, it can also be used as hard and soft magnetic materials, information recording materials, magnetic sealing fluid and catalytic materials.