Main use of Yttrium(III) oxide

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Yttrium (III) oxide, also known as yttrium oxide, has a chemical formula of Y2O3 and a molecular weight of 225.81.

Yttrium(III) oxide is a yellowish crystalline powder with white color, insoluble in water and alkali, soluble in acid and alcohol. When exposed to air, it easily absorbs carbon dioxide and water and deteriorates. Used as a white hot gas lampshade, color TV phosphor, magnetic material additive, and also used in the atomic energy industry.

Main use of Yttrium(III) oxide
1. Used in the manufacture of various ceramics, optical glass, phosphors, laser materials and refractory materials, as catalysts for the synthesis of ethane from carbon monoxide and hydrogen;

2. It is used as an additive material for phosphors and magnetic materials;

3. It is mainly used to manufacture composite oxides such as single crystal, yttrium garnet and yttrium aluminum garnet. These composite oxides can be used as magnetic materials for microwaves and important materials for military communication engineering due to their high frequency performance. It can also be used as high-grade transparent glass for high-grade optical glass additives, ceramic material additives, x-ray intensifying screen rare earth phosphors, high-brightness phosphors for large-screen TVs and other tube coatings. In addition, it is also used in the manufacture of film capacitors and special refractory materials, as well as bubble magnetic material of high pressure mercury lamps, lasers, storage elements, etc.;

4, used as a white hot gas lampshade, color TV phosphor, magnetic material additives, also used in the atomic energy industry.
Widely used in a variety of fluorescent materials, high-quality refractory materials, artificial gemstone laser crystals, superconducting materials and many cutting-edge applications in the electronics industry.

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