Manganese nitride

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Manganese nitride is an additive in iron-making. Adding a certain amount of manganese nitride in steel smelting can improve the strength and mechanical properties of steel. Therefore, manganese nitride is an indispensable alloying agent in the production of special alloy steel and stainless steel. But manganese nitride will be affected by some factors in production. Let's see what specific effects it has.Manganese nitride is an additive in iron-making.

1. The effect of nitrogen pressure and initial vacuum: The nitridation of manganese nitride is a gas-solid reaction, which belongs to multiphase reaction. In the process of reaction, the reactants are usually transferred from the phase to the interface, and then the reactants are adsorbed before chemical reaction, and then the reactants are desorbed away from the reaction interface.

2. The influence of raw material size: In addition to chemical adsorption, porous materials also diffuse in the reaction process, because the reaction has large voids and uniform distribution. Gas permeates into each porous particle by means of diffusion, and there is no obvious reaction interface, so the reaction starts from the reactant interface. Therefore, the number of phase interfaces determines the rate at which the reaction begins. In addition, the reaction is carried out by diffusion at the later stage, while the diffusion rate determines the rate at the later stage. Therefore, the particle size from beginning to end is an important factor affecting the reaction rate.

The research of manganese nitride master alloy products has important practical significance and economic value for the deep processing industry of manganese metal. Because of the various functions of manganese and nitrogen, manganese and nitrogen elements should be added simultaneously when making high strength steel, stainless steel and heat resistant steel. When adding manganese and nitrogen in the form of elementary substance, there are some shortcomings, such as low solubility, low density, difficult to add and difficult to control the amount of nitrogen added. However, when added in the form of nitrogen and manganese compounds, it is not only easy to be added, but also the utilization rate of manganese and nitrogen is high. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the preparation process of manganese nitride. Manganese nitride has broad market prospects.