Method of Production Platinum Powder

Submitted by admin on Wed, 10/10/2018 - 02:24

Platinum powder, the CAS NO. is 7440-06-4. Platinum can be produced by dry process of platinum ore in Industrial ; it can also be produced by the method of wet smelting by using copper and nickel sulfide ore to produce by-products in the production process of copper and nickel.

The wet method is adds aqua regia to the residual components of nickel and copper extracted, extracts, filters, and adds ammonium chloride to the filtrate to react to form ammonium chloroplatinate precipitate, which is filtered and heated to decompose ammonium chloroplatinate. 

Get purity 99.99% platinum powder product. or, add an ammonium chloroplatinate solution  to the electrolytic cell, and electrolysis  carried out at a cell voltage of about 1.5 V and a current density of 2 to 3 A/cm3 to obtain about 99.98% of the platinum finished product.