Molybdenum hexa carbonyl

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Hexacarbonyl molybdenum is a coordination compound belonging to a metal carbonyl complex with the chemical formula Mo(CO)6. It is a white solid like the carbonyl compound of the same family, such as chromium hexacarbonyl or tungsten hexacarbonyl. It is volatile and stable in air, and the molybdenum atom is zero.

Slightly soluble in ether, soluble in benzene, paraffin oil, etc. It is easy to react with bromine to form molybdenum tetrabromide, and reacts with benzoic acid at 160 ° C to obtain molybdenum dibenzoate. It is prepared by reacting molybdenum pentachloride in an ethylmagnesium bromide diethyl ether solution with carbon monoxide (about 10.1 MPa) in an autoclave. Used as a catalyst, a raw material for pyrolytic molybdenum plating and an organic synthesis intermediate.

Molybdenum hexacarbonyl may be detected in plants that handle landfills and wastewater, contributing to the formation of hexacarbonyl molybdenum in a reducing, anoxic environment.