Nickel-coated graphite powder

Submitted by admin on Mon, 07/22/2019 - 05:53

Nickel-coated graphite powder is a composite powder with graphite particles as its core and nickel metal as its outer coating. With good lubrication and corrosion resistance, nickel was evenly deposited on the surface of graphite particles from nickel sulfate ammonia complex solution by wet hydrogen reduction It was used to manufacture high temperature self-lubricating bearing materials, low friction materials, porous nickel strips, etc. Grindable sealing coatings can also be obtained by thermal spraying.

Nickel-coated graphite sealing coating combines the strength of nickel with the lubricity of graphite. After thermal spraying, it forms coatings and components with high strength, oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance and low friction coefficient. It is widely used in compressor parts of aircraft Gun engine in abradable sealing parts below 500 C, and can also be used as the prime mover of fixed gun engine. It is used for various types of turbines and components requiring tight clearance sealing surfaces.

Of course, no matter which method is chosen, it is necessary to pretreat its surface before it can be better coated. The composite of nickel-coated graphite obtained by coating method is very strong. It is precisely because of its complex nature that nickel- Coated graphite can be applied to many chemical, aviation, metallurgy and many mechanical fields.