Pb Alloy Powder

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Pb Alloy Powder have higher thermal conductivity than silver or lead.Indium is an expensive, rare metal. In the periodic table, the closest elements of indium are gallium, germanium, tin, and cadmium. Metal indium has a silvery white luster with a very low melting point and a very high boiling point.Indium is very plastic and can be processed into various shapes under pressure. Indium and its compounds have a wide range of applications in electronics, alloys, catalysts and other fields.

Indium ingots are mainly used in the production of ITO targets (for the production of liquid crystal displays and flat screens) due to their high optical permeability and electrical conductivity. This use is the main consumption area of ??indium ingots, accounting for 70% of global indium consumption. The next few consumer areas are: electronic semiconductors, accounting for 12% of global consumption; solder and alloys accounting for 12%; research industry accounting for 6%.

And because of its softer nature, it is also used for seaming in some industries that require metal filling. Such as: vacuum gap filling material at higher temperatures.Pb Alloy Powder can be used as a raw material for low-melting alloys, bearing alloys, semiconductors, and electric light sources. It is mainly used as a coating for lead-coated silver bearings for aircraft and as a bearing material for high-speed aeroengines.