powder of silicon

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Silicon powder is a kind of dust collected and treated by special trapping device in the process of smelting industrial silicon and ferrosilicon in industrial electric furnace at high temperature. Among the fumes, the content of SiO 2 accounts for about 90% of the total amount of fumes, and the particle size is very small. The average particle size is almost nanometer, so it is called silicon powder.

As metal silicon is a hard and fragile material, the sieve residue can not be effectively controlled in grinding process, and the phenomenon of over grinding is serious, resulting in a large waste of products, high production costs, product size does not meet the standard, resulting in the product is not competitive.

There are many ways to make silicon powder from silicon block. Among them, Raymond method, counter-roll method, disc grinding method and punching-spinning method are the most effective and widely used methods. The equipment used corresponds to Raymond method, roll counter machine, disc mill (also known as vertical mill) and punch-and-spin method. According to the principle of pulverization, the first three are extrusion pulverization, and the second one is impact pulverization. In terms of its structure, there are great differences, each has its own characteristics, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Silicon powder is an efficient active admixture, which can significantly improve the strength, impermeability, frost resistance and durability of concrete. Silicon fume concrete has attracted much attention. Silicon fume concrete has been widely used in water conservancy and Hydropower projects, construction projects, highway projects and bridge projects.