Pure Scandium powder

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Scandium is a chemical element, its chemical symbol is Sc, its atomic number is 21, is a soft, silver-white transition metal. Often mixed with gadolinium and erbium, the yield is very small.

Scandium is soft and soluble in acid. Generally, it oxidizes rapidly in the air and loses its luster. It mainly exists in very rare scandium yttrium stone.

The first magic weapon of scandium is called scandium sodium lamp, which can be used to bring light to thousands of families. This is a metal halide light source.

Scandium's second magic weapon is solar photovoltaic cells, which can collect the light scattered on the ground and turn it into power to promote human society. Scandium is the best barrier metal in metal-insulator-semiconductor silicon photovoltaic cells and solar cells.

Scandium powder should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool environment. It should not be exposed to air for a long time. It can prevent moisture agglomeration, affect dispersion performance and use effect. In addition, it should avoid heavy pressure and contact with oxidants. It can be transported according to ordinary goods.