Quality Control of Zirconium Hydride Powder

Submitted by admin on Fri, 07/05/2019 - 02:29

In the preparation of zirconium hydride powder, it is easy to be affected by the following factors which affect the quality of zirconium hydride powder.

In the process of preparing zirconium hydride powder, the formation of product quality is affected by all the technicians and operators involved in the project. They are the main factors of forming product quality. Operator's quality consciousness and mental state will affect the probability of operational fault, thus affecting the quality of products.Zirconium Hydride Powder

The main equipments in the preparation process of zirconium hydride powder are: atmosphere protection platform, preliminary crusher, particle size separator, combined screen, secondary crusher, sample making mould, resistance heating furnace and plastic sealingMachine and so on. The operation of each equipment will affect the quality of zirconium hydride powder. For example, if the sealing effect of the atmosphere protection platform is not good, the oxygen content of zirconium hydride powder may exceed the standard Unqualified.poor protection of screen may result in large particle size and unqualified zirconium hydride powder.

For the quality control of zirconium hydride powder, equipment maintenance and correct operation of equipment can not be ignored. Every time before making zirconium hydride powder, it is necessary to check the operation of each equipment. When each equipment is running well and the process parameters of each equipment are normal, powder preparation can be carried out. After each powder preparation, the equipment needs to be maintained according to the operation of the equipment. For example: powder size separator requires more reliability, but the working environment is poor. When some mechanical devices are loose, they must be maintained in time. When there is no powder preparation task, the equipment needs to be run and checked once a week to ensure good condition in the next use.