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Magnesium gluconate (chemical formula: MgC12H22O14) is a magnesium salt of gluconic acid. White or grayish white odorless fine powder. Dissolved in water. It is obtained by dissolving magnesium oxide or magnesium carbonate in gluconic acid. Used as a nutritional supplement, buffer, curing agent, etc.

Pharmacological action
Oral administration of this product can increase the blood magnesium concentration and maintain the blood magnesium concentration after intravenous magnesium sulfate, for the treatment of pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome.

Pharmacology and toxicology
Magnesium gluconate dissociates into magnesium ions and gluconic acid in the body, participates in all energy metabolism in the body, and activates or catalyzes more than 300 enzyme systems. The synthesis of DNA and RNA and the structure of the cell membrane are all involved in the participation of magnesium ions. This product has obvious muscle relaxation effect, can relieve coronary artery spasm, reduce the release of acetylcholine, maintain the balance of potassium and magnesium ions in the body, prevent platelet aggregation and coronary thrombosis caused by magnesium deficiency, and have calcium resistance And membrane stabilization.

This product is produced by glucose conversion in vitro, and its absorption pathway is the same as glucose. Absorption begins within 1 hour and continues at a constant rate for up to 8 hours, which may be absorbed faster and more completely upon starvation. The biggest feature of this product is that the chelation cation absorption and digestion are far better than other types, and all age groups can be well absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. The absorbed magnesium is mainly excreted by the kidneys.

Formulations and specifications
1. Magnesium gluconate particles: 5 g: 3 g (calculated as anhydrous magnesium gluconate); 2. Magnesium gluconate oral solution: 10 ml: 1000 mg (corresponding to 58.6 mg of magnesium).

It is used for magnesium deficiency or hypomagnesemia caused by various causes.

(1) Renal insufficiency, hypotension, and respiratory depression are prohibited.
(2) The amount of urine <100ml / 4 hours is prohibited.
(3) Breathing <16 beats/min, the knee reflex disappeared and disabled.

(1) This medicine should be used under the guidance of a doctor to avoid use with central nervous system inhibitors.
(2) If diarrhea occurs after taking this product, the dose should be reduced or discontinued as appropriate.
(3) Check the breathing and knee palsy before each medication. If the breathing is <16 times/min, the knee reflex should disappear and the product should be stopped.

Adverse reactions
No serious adverse reactions. Individual patients have diarrhea, taking it after meals or taking it in divided doses has a certain effect on alleviating gastrointestinal symptoms.

Oral, take it under the guidance of a doctor. Each bag is dissolved orally with about 100 ml of warm boiled water; once every morning and evening, 5-10 g (1-2 bags) each time, or as directed by the doctor, adjust the dosage according to the condition.

Seal and store in a dry place.