Rubidium chloride

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Rubidium chloride is an alkali metal halide with the chemical formula RbCl. This inorganic salt has different applications in the fields of electrochemistry and molecular biology. White crystalline powder, soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol.

Rubidium chloride is hygroscopic, so it must be isolated from moisture in the atmosphere, such as the use of desiccants. RbCl is mainly used in laboratory. Therefore, many chemical reagent manufacturers can provide different amounts of rubidium chloride to meet various chemical and biochemical research needs.

To prepare rubidium metal by electrolysis, there are also aluminium brazing fluxes.Usually, RbCl can be used as an electrolyte for water.Nanowires, an electrochemical probe, are placed on mica with diluted RbCl and have good directivity.