Supply Atomized spherical magnesium powder

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Magnesium powder is flammable and explosive, and brings high temperature and glaring light when burning. Therefore, Magnesium powder is wisely used in such scientific area as war industry and aviation industry. The chemical performance of Mg is very active, which is mostly used in metallurgical industry. Mg powder can sever as desulfurizer or cleaning agent for steel-making industry and casting of non-ferrous metals, and reducer for production of rare metal. In chemical industry, Mg powder can be used as dehydrant for organic compound or to directly make organic compound of Mg. In recent years, Mg powder has been mostly used in spaying, coating anti-corrosion, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon ,and cating of metallurgical powder as well.

Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd. is the earliest producer of the high purity atomized spherical magnesium powder, aslo we are one of the few manufacturers in the world can produce the atomized magnesium powder, we own the core patent to produce the atomized spherical magnesium powder. High purity atomized spherical magnesium is produced under the inert gas , uses the centrifugal atomization technology with the 99.90% magnesium ingot melt into liquid, processes into the spherical high purity atomized powder through many working procedures. Compared with the traditional ground magnesium powder,the high performance atomized spherical magnesium powder has a much better quality for the high purity, high content of active magnesium, high density,high fluidity,high stability,small particle size and small specific surface and so on. The powder is widely used in the fileds like aviation,national defense,composite materials,powder metallurgy, petrochemical catalyst,electronic coating,medicine,foods and new type functional materials and so on,and win good comments from both national and international partners. 

Magnesium is one of the elements that have most abundant content in the earthcrust, which is easy to obtain.Pure magnesium has high specific strength, is easy to process as well as has no toxicity and no magnesium, besides, it is inflammable. Therefore, magnesium powder is often used in making fireworks, military signal flares and fire bombs. It also has strong oxidability, which can be used as desoxidant and reductant in metallurgy industry.

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