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Physical and chemical properties of Erbium oxide: molecular weight 382, ​​Er2O3 pink powder, density 8.64, melting point 2378 °C. The boiling point of 3000 ° C. Do not dissolve in water, soluble in acid.

Erbium oxide

Physical and chemical indicators of Erbium oxide(%): 
                   Er2O3              Er2O3                Er2O3
                    2.5N                3.0N                   3.5N
TREO        39.50                39.50                  40.00
Er2O3/TREO 99.50           99.90                   99.95
Fe2O3      0.002                  0.001                  0.0005
SiO2         0.005                 0.003                     0.0001
CaO          0.010                  0.005                     0.002
SO42-       0.050                 0.030                     0.010
Cl-            0.050                    0.030                    0.010
Na2O       0.005                  0.005                      0.002
PbO         0.005                  0.002                      0.001

Application of Erbium oxide:
(1) In a telecommunications network that needs to amplify optical signals with a wavelength of 1550 nm, erbium-doped fiber amplifiers are indispensable optical devices. Currently, erbium-doped silica fiber amplifiers have been commercialized, and the rapid development of optical fiber communication will open up The new field of application.
(2) The erbium-doped laser crystal and its output of 1730nm laser and 1550nm laser are safe for human eyes, good atmospheric transmission performance, strong penetrating ability to the battlefield, good confidentiality, not easy to be detected by the enemy, illuminating the military The target has a large contrast ratio and has been made into a military-friendly portable laser range finder for human eyes.
(3) Er3+ can be made into rare earth glass laser material by adding it to glass. It is the solid laser material with the highest output pulse energy and the highest output power.
(4) Er3+ can also be used as an activated ion for rare earth up-conversion laser materials.
(5) The enamel can also be applied to the discoloration and coloration of spectacle glass and crystallized glass.

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