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Stannic oxide SnO2 is also an excellent transparent conductive material. It is the first transparent conductive material to be put into commercial use. In order to improve its conductivity and stability, it is often used for doping, such as SnO2:Sb, SnO2:F, etc. Both SnO2 and its doping have a tetragonal rutile structure. Red is O, black is Sn, and SnO2 is composed of two Sn and four O atoms. The lattice constant is a=b=0.4737nm, c=0.3186nm. , c / a = 0.637. O2-=0.140 nm, Sn4+=0.071 nm.

SnO2 is an n-type wide bandgap semiconductor with a forbidden band width of 3.5-4.0 eV, a visible light and infrared transmittance of 80%, a plasma edge of 3.2 μm, a refractive index of >2, and an extinction coefficient of 0. SnO2 has strong adhesion. It has a bonding force of up to 20 MPa with glass and ceramics, a hardness of 7-8, and good chemical stability. It can withstand chemical etching. SnO2 acts as a conductive film, and its carriers mainly come from crystal defects, that is, electrons provided by O vacancies and doping impurities.


Stannic oxide is commonly used in enamel and electromagnetic materials, and is used in the manufacture of opal glass, tin salts, porcelain colorants, fabric mordants and weighting agents, polishing agents for steel and glass, etc.


Stannic oxide electrodes are widely used in the smelting of high-grade optical glass and in the electrolytic aluminum industry. The tin oxide level is especially suitable for the melting of flint-type glass, flint, enamel, and heavy bismuth glass, and does not cause pollution to the glass. This achievement has passed the expert appraisal organized by the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province. The overall performance index is at the leading level in China, and the main indicators of tin oxide level have reached the international advanced level.

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