Titanium Carbide Powder

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Titanium carbide powder(TiC powder) are mainly used in the steel-bonded cemented carbide, cermet components, and so on .

 Product Property

Chemical formula


Crystal Structure


Moecular Weight(g/mol.)


Solubility in water

insoluble in water


grey powder

Titanium Carbide Powder Main Applications Metal Matrix Composites :

(1) Abrasive and abrasive industries: TiC abrasives are ideal materials to replace traditional abrasives such as alumina, silicon carbide, boron carbide and chromium oxide. Abrasives, grinding wheels and abrasive pastes made of nano-titanium carbide materials can greatly improve grinding efficiency, grinding accuracy and surface finish.

(2) Electro-contact plate coating materials: At present, the annual amount of silver used for contact materials in the world accounts for one fourth of the total amount. Adding appropriate amount of nano-TiC into silver plating material can reduce the amount of silver by 5%, save cost and make the performance of composite coating more stable.

(3) Cermet composite coating: Coating nano-TiC ceramic composite coating on metal surface can improve mechanical wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It has been successfully applied in static, dynamic and harsh environments to protect the substrate and improve the efficiency and service life of components.

(4) Tools: The surface of the tool is coated with nano-TiC ceramic hard film. Without losing the toughness of the metal matrix, the wear resistance of the tool surface is improved, cutting time is shortened and the surface accuracy of the workpiece is improved.