Titanium diboride powder for sell

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The titanium diboride powder is gray or grayish black,  and has a hexagonal (AlB2) crystal structure. The melting point is 2980 'C and has a high hardness. Titanium diboride has an oxidation temperature of up to 1000 ° C in air and is stable in HCl and HF acid. Titanium diboride is mainly used to prepare composite ceramic articles. 

Material properties
Thermal expansion coefficient: 8.1×10-6m/m.k
Thermal conductivity: 25J/m.s.k
Resistivity: 14.4μΩ.cm
Antioxidant temperature (in air): 1000 ° C
Stable in HCl and HF acid

Titanium boride (TiB2) is the most stable compound of boron and titanium. It is a C32 type structure and is bonded in the form of its valence bond. It is a hexagonal metalloid compound. The structural parameters of the complete crystal are: a is 0.3028 nm, and C is 0.3228 nm. The boron atomic plane and the titanium atomic plane in the crystal structure alternately form a two-dimensional network structure, in which B and the other three Bs are combined by a covalent bond, and the excess one electron forms a large π bond. 

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