Tricobalt tetraoxide

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Tricobalt tetraoxide chemical formula Co3O4. Similar to ferric oxide, it can be regarded as a compound of cobalt oxide and Tricobalt tetraoxide,Co3O4high cobalt oxide. It is black or gray-black powder. Water is easily absorbed in exposed air, but no hydrate is formed. It is soluble in nitric acid. When heated above 1200℃, it will decompose into cobalt oxide. Cobalt is reduced to cobalt when heated to 900℃ in hydrogen flame.

Its main characteristics are: uniform particle size, complete spherical particles, good dispersion. Tricobalt tetraoxide scope of application: varistor, thermistor, zinc oxide arrester, picture tube glass shell, lithium ion batteries and other industries.

The uses of Tricobalt tetraoxide are as follows:

It can be used as lithium electron cathode material for the preparation of cobalt oxide and cobalt salts. It is used for the preparation of high purity analytical reagent, cobalt oxide and cobalt salt. It can be used as lithium electronic cathode material, preparation of cobalt oxide and cobalt salt. It can be used for battery materials, magnetic materials, thermistors, etc. It can also be used as a catalyst mechanism to make enamel.