Tungsten trioxide for sell

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Tungsten trioxide, yellow powder. Do not dissolve in water, soluble in alkali, slightly soluble in acid. Used in the manufacture of high melting point alloys and hard alloys, tungsten wire and fireproof materials. Let me introduce the some information about tungsten trioxide for you:

Name: tungsten trioxide
Alias: C.I. 77901; Tungsten trioxide; TungstenoxidePURATREMyellowpowder; Tungstenoxidesinteredlumpsyellowgreenpieces; Tungstenoxideyellowgreenpowder; Tungstenoxide; trioxotungsten
CAS No.: 1314-35-8
EINECS No. 215-231-4
Appearance and traits: yellow powder.
Melting point (°C): 1472
Relative density (water = 1): 7.16
Boiling point (°C): 1837
Relative vapor density (air = 1): no data
Molecular formula: WO3
Molecular weight: 231.85

Tungsten trioxide is mainly used for calcination reduction to produce tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder, which is then used in the production of cemented carbide products such as tools and molds. 

Tungsten trioxide can also be used to make pure tungsten products, tungsten rods, tungsten wires, tungsten electrodes, and shielding materials for counterweights and radiation. There is also a small amount of colorant used as a yellow ceramic in industrial production. In the marine industry, tungsten oxide is used as an important anticorrosive paint and coating material.