vanadium powder

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The vanadium powder is a silvery white metal. Vanadium is a high melting point rare metal with a density of 5.96, a melting point of 1890 ° C, a boiling point of 3380 ° C, resistance, and is brittle in heating, and vanadium containing oxygen and nitrogen is also brittle. Vanadium is a poor conductor of electricity and its conductivity is only one tenth of that of copper.Vanadium powder,Vanadium

At normal temperature, vanadium has good corrosion resistance, dilute sulfuric acid, alkali solution and seawater corrosion, but can be corroded by nitric acid or concentrated sulfuric acid.

At room temperature, vanadium does not react with oxygen, and is oxidized to VO, V2O3, VO2, V2O5 under heating conditions, and reacts with most non-metallic elements (such as nitrogen, carbon, sulfur) at high temperatures. Vanadium can also be alloyed with aluminum, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, palladium, tin, and silicon.

Vanadium is an important material in the metallurgical industry. In steel, vanadium is mainly participated in the form of ferrovanadium, which is the first to deoxidize and denitrify, and together it can improve the strength, durability, hardenability and tempering stability of steel.