What is Cupric nitrate

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Cupric nitrate with a chemical formula of Cu(NO3)2 and a molecular weight of 187.56. Blue oblique flaky crystals. Deliquescent. At 170 ° C, liberation of oxygen. Soluble in water and ethanol, almost insoluble in ethyl acetate. The pH of the 0.2 mol/L aqueous solution was 4.0. The relative density is 2.05. The temperature of 114.5 ° C. It is oxidizing, and when it is heated and struck and rubbed with charcoal, sulfur or other flammable substances, a combustion explosion occurs.

name Cupric nitrate,Copper dinitrate
Chemical formula Cu(NO3)2
Molecular weight 187.56
CAS registration number 3251-23-8
EINECS accession number 221-838-5
Melting point 115 ° C
Boiling point 170 ° C
Water soluble Soluble
Density 2.32 g/cm3
Appearance dark blue crystal
Flash point 170 ° C
Dangerous goods transport number UN 3085 5.1/PG 2
Regulatory information This product is not regulated
Chemical reagent

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