What is the Lithium sulfate monohydrate

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Lithium sulfate monohydrate, a colorless monoclinic crystal or a white crystalline powder, soluble in water, insoluble in acetone and absolute ethanol. The water solubility at 25 degrees was 25.7%. It has the effect of treating manic depressive psychosis. The crystal water was lost at 130 °C. Dissolved in 2.6 parts of water, almost insoluble in ethanol. The aqueous solution is neutral. The relative density is 2.06. The melting point is 859 ° C. The median lethal dose (mouse, oral) was 1190 mG/kG.

Lithium sulfate monohydrate has three crystal forms of α, β and γ. The α type is white monoclinic crystal, the β type is hexagonal crystal, and the γ type is cubic crystal. It is hygroscopic. The lithium sulfate monohydrate crystallized from the concentrated aqueous solution is very stable.

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1. Lithium carbonate method: a lithium carbonate solution is added to the reactor, and sulfuric acid is slowly added to the reaction under stirring, and concentrated by evaporation, cooled and crystallized, and centrifuged to obtain lithium sulfate monohydrate, which is dried to obtain lithium sulfate. The reaction equation is:
Li2CO3+ H2SO4→ Li2SO4+ H2O + CO2↑

2. Slowly add dilute sulfuric acid to the suspension of lithium carbonate under constant stirring. Pay attention to the fact that the acid is added too fast and the reaction is too intense to cause the reactant to overflow. An aqueous solution of lithium sulfate can be obtained by reacting until the suspension is completely dissolved. Concentration by evaporation crystallizes lithium sulfate monohydrate from the aqueous solution. An anhydrous salt can be obtained by subjecting lithium sulfate monohydrate to an oven and heating to 120 ° C to dehydrate.

Lithium sulfate monohydrate use:
1. Used as raw material for special high-strength glass;
2. Used as an analytical reagent and also used in the pharmaceutical industry;
3. Flavoring agents for the production of foods and synthetic beverages