What is Magnesium peroxide

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Magnesium peroxide, chemical formula MgO2, white powder, odorless, tasteless, deliquescent. Do not dissolve in water, but will slowly decompose in water, soluble in dilute acid. Mainly used in medicine and other industries. It can be prepared by reacting a soluble magnesium salt solution with hydrogen peroxide.

Magnesium peroxide, with a relative molecular mass of 56.30, is a white powder, odorless and tasteless. Its appearance and physical properties are similar to those of magnesium oxide, but its chemical properties are not stable enough to be insoluble in water, but it is gradually liberated from oxygen. Soluble in dilute acid to form hydrogen peroxide. It is relatively stable at room temperature, and the magnesium peroxide is decomposed into oxygen and magnesium oxide during heating. It decomposes above 373K, decomposes rapidly at 573K, and completely decomposes when the temperature reaches 648K.

Since magnesium peroxide decomposes first to generate highly active oxygen atoms, it has strong oxidation, disinfection, bleaching, etc., and has certain breaking and anti-fermentation effects, so it is often used as an antacid in medicine. , anti-fermentation, treatment of dyspepsia, hyperacidity, constipation, abdominal distension, abnormal fermentation of the intestines, etc., can also be used in cosmetics and water disinfectants, bleaches, etc., and other peroxides are similar in function