What is the Metal Titanium

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Titanium looks like steel, has a silver-gray sheen, is a transition metal that has been considered a rare metal for some time. Titanium is not a rare metal. Titanium accounts for about 0.42% of the total weight in the earth's crust, which is 16 times the total amount of copper, nickel, lead and zinc. Ranked seventh in the metal world, with more than 70 minerals containing titanium. Titanium has high strength, low density, high hardness, high melting point and strong corrosion resistance; high-purity titanium has good plasticity, but becomes brittle and hard when impurities are present.

Titanium has a specific gravity of only 1/2 of that of iron, but it can withstand hammering and drawing like copper.

In the ultra-low temperature world, titanium becomes harder and has superconductor properties, and steel becomes fragile and incompetent.

Titanium has a strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance. It is immersed in seawater for 5 years without corrosion, and steel will corrode and deteriorate in seawater. Titanium alloys are used to make shells for ships, and seawater cannot corrode it. The "titanium submarine" made of titanium alloy can sneak into the depth of 4,500 meters. Generally, steel submarines are easily crushed by water pressure when they exceed 300 meters.

The "titanium aircraft" is solid and light. A large titanium passenger aircraft can carry more than 100 people than the same heavy ordinary aircraft. The speed of the aircraft can exceed 300 kilometers per hour, and the aluminum alloy aircraft can be up to 240 kilometers.

The strong absorption of air by titanium and zirconium removes air and creates a vacuum. A vacuum pump made of titanium-zirconium alloy can pump air to only one part per billion.

In the aerospace industry, titanium can be used as a "coat" for spacecraft to prevent high temperature attack.

An alloy composed of titanium and nickel is called a "memory alloy." The alloy is made into a predetermined shape, and after being shaped, if it is deformed by an external force, the original appearance can be restored by heating slightly. This alloy has been used in many fields. Such as the antenna used in the US Apollo spacecraft, this kind of memory alloy; the ninth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai First Medical College has used this memory alloy for women's sterilization; in addition, it can also be used in instruments, electronic devices, etc. .

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