What is silver powder

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(1) Aluminum powder, lead powder, pigment. Mercury powder

A scaly aluminum powder or aluminum powder slurry, also known as aluminum silver powder, aluminum silver paste, silver powder because of its color and silver. Divided into two types of floating and non-floating. Its good ductility can form a continuous aluminum film in the coating film, which can cover the pinhole and reduce the permeability. Aluminum powder paint can reflect more than 60% of UV rays, which can be used in topcoats to improve weather resistance. The alkyd heat-resistant paint can withstand high temperatures of around 200 ° C and is often used in silicone coatings with high temperature resistance up to 600 ° C.

In the 1960s, a No. 66 gray aluminum-zinc finish was made from aluminum powder zinc powder and applied to the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. The flaky aluminum powder overlaps in the paint layer and is parallel to the bottom surface of the steel, which can greatly delay the penetration of external corrosion factors.

(b) Silver powder. Used in the manufacture of conductive plastics, conductive coatings, conductive adhesives, etc.

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