What is Sodium bromide

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Sodium bromide, a chemical formula of NaBr, is a colorless cubic crystal or a white granular powder. Odorless, salty and bitter. Let me introduce some information about Sodium bromide:

Name Sodium bromide
Chemical formula NaBr
Molecular weight 102.89
CAS registration number 7647-15-6
EINECS accession number 231-599-9
Melting point 755 ° C
Boiling point 1390 ° C (normal pressure)
Water solubility 121g/100ml/(100°C), 90.5g/100ml (20°C)
Density 3.203g/mL (25°C)
Colorless cubic crystal or white granular powder
Flash point 1390 ° C
Application of cadmium in the determination of bromide, inorganic and organic synthesis, etc.
MDL number MFCD00003475
RTECS No. VZ3150000 VZ3150000 24899609
Refractive index 1.6412
Steam pressure 1mmHg (806°C)
Risk term R36/37/38
Security term S24/25
Customs code 2827510000 WGK Germany 1

Sodium bromide readily absorbs moisture in the air and agglomerates, but does not deliquesce. Sodium bromide is readily soluble in water and the aqueous solution is neutral. Sodium bromide is slightly soluble in alcohol and can react with dilute sulfuric acid to form hydrogen bromide. Under acidic conditions, sodium bromide can be oxidized to free bromine.

Sodium bromide can be used in the photographic industry, perfume industry, printing and dyeing industry, etc. It can also be used for micro-determination of cadmium, manufacture of bromide, inorganic and organic synthesis, photographic paper and so on.