What is Stannous sulfate

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Stannous sulfate, with a molecular formula of SnSO4 and a molecular weight of 214.75, is a white or light yellow crystalline powder that is soluble in water and dilute sulfuric acid, and the aqueous solution decomposes rapidly. The main use is for tin plating or chemical reagents, such as alloy, tinplate, cylinder piston, steel wire and other acidic plating, bright tin plating of electronic devices. In addition, it is also used for the oxidation and coloration of aluminum alloy coatings, as a mordant in the printing and dyeing industry, as a hydrogen peroxide remover in organic solutions.

production method:
The reaction of metallic tin with dilute sulfuric acid produces stannous sulfate:

120 g of tin particles were added to 130 mL of 9 mol/L sulfuric acid and boiled for several hours until the tin was no longer dissolved. The solution was poured out and heated with about 250 ml of water and the remainder to extract the remaining SnSO4. The two parts of the solution were combined and filtered. It was evaporated under vacuum until a paste was formed, then cooled, and the resulting salt was separated with a Buchner funnel and washed twice with ethanol and then dried.

Stannous sulfate is mainly used for tin plating in the electroplating industry, oxidation coloration on the surface of aluminum alloys, mordant in the printing and dyeing industry, and hydrogen peroxide remover.

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