What is Tantalum pentoxide

Submitted by admin on Wed, 11/28/2018 - 09:10

Tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5) is a white colorless crystalline powder that is the most common oxide of lanthanum and the final product of lanthanum combustion in air. It is mainly used as a single crystal of lithium lanthanum silicate and a high refractive low-dispersion special optical glass. It can be used as a catalyst in chemical industry.

The raw material used to produce crystal book. Also used in the electronics industry. It is used as a catalyst for lithium laric acid single crystal and for manufacturing high refractive low-dispersion special optical glass.

The bismuth pentoxide is packed in double-layer polyethylene plastic bottles. The net weight of each bottle is 5kg. After sealing the mouth tightly, the outer polyethylene plastic bag is placed in a hard box and filled with paper dust to prevent turbulence. The net weight of each box is 20kg. Store in a ventilated, dry place, and do not stack in the open air. The package should be sealed. Protect from rain and packaging when transporting. 

In case of fire, please use water, sand and fire extinguishers to save. Toxicity and protection: Dust has a stimulating effect on respiratory mucosa, and long-term exposure to dust is prone to pneumoconiosis. The maximum allowable concentration of niobium oxide is 10mg/m3. It should work in an environment with high dust content. Wear anti-virus masks to prevent oxide dust emission. The crushing and packaging process should be mechanized and sealed.