what is Zirconium hydride

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The zirconium hydride chemical formula ZrH2 has a density of 5.6 g/cm3 and decomposes before melting to form heat -39.7 kcal/mol. It is prepared in the same manner as titanium hydride, and the temperature of the hydrogenation reaction is often Zirconium hydride,Zirconiumcarried out at 900 °C.

Zirconium hydride is a stable powder that is normally stable to air and water. It reacts violently with oxidants and strong acids. It burns smoothly during ignition, begins to decompose at 300 ° C in a vacuum, and completely decomposes at 500-700 ° C.

Zirconium hydride is used industrially for fireworks, fluxes and igniting agents, as a moderator in nuclear reactors, as a getter in vacuum tubes, and in metal-ceramic sealing.Titanium hydride and zirconium hydride have been produced and supplied in tons in the industry, but are mainly used for military purposes.