Where to buy nickel aminosulfonate

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Nickel aminosulfonate is an excellent main salt for electroplating. Due to its low internal stress, fast plating speed, high solubility and no pollution, it has become a major electroplating main salt in the world. Has been widely used in electronics, automotive, aerospace, weapons, coinage, metallurgy, nickel mesh, radio, color aluminum alloy and other industries.

System of law
Synthetic method: reacting sulfamic acid with nickel hydroxide to form nickel aminosulfonate, which is concentrated, crystallized and centrifuged to obtain a nickel aminosulfonate product. Its reaction formula:
2H 2 NSO 3 H+Ni(OH) 2
Ni(NH 2 SO 3 ) 2 +2H 2 O

Consumption quota (t/t)
Nickel hydroxide 0.32
Sulfamic acid 0.67

See sulfamic acid for toxicity and protection. Packed in wooden boxes lined with polyethylene plastic bags, each net weight is 25kg. Store in a ventilated, dry warehouse. The package must be completely sealed and protected from moisture. Protect from rain and sun exposure during transportation. In case of fire, use water, sand and fire extinguishers to save.

It is easy to deliquesce and decomposes when it loses crystal water at high temperature.

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