Zirconium Silicide

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Zirconium silicide is a silicide, gray square crystal powder. Metal zirconium and silicon powder are used as raw materials. The metal zirconium is pulverized, and then mixed with the silicon powder, and the mixture is placed in a graphite furnace, Zirconium Silicide,Zirconium,Silicideheated to 900 to 1000 ° C for pre-reaction, then hydrogen gas is introduced, and the temperature is raised to about 1200°C to carry out a reaction to obtain zirconium silicide.

Zirconium silicide is mainly used as a fine ceramic raw material powder for the production of tantalum for the production of semiconductor thin films. The storage method is sealed at room temperature, cool and ventilated and dry. Since zirconium silicide is generally not hazardous to water, do not discharge material into the surrounding environment without government permission.