Chloroauric acid

Four chloro auric acid,nonferrous metal

Chloroauric acid is an orange-yellow crystal that is easily deliquescent and easily soluble in water, Decomposed into gold by heat. Is the most common compound of gold. 

Chloroauric acid is widely used for analytical reagents and gold plating reagents.Can be used for gold plating of semiconductor and integrated circuit leadframes, gold plating of printed circuit boards, electronic connectors and other electrical contact components. Red glass can also be made. It is used as an analytical reagent, and is used for microanalysis of strontium and barium and measurement of alkaloid composition. Also used in photographic materials.

Chloroaurate, especially sodium chloroaurate NaAuCl4 (prepared from the reaction of AuCl3 with NaCl), can replace the toxic mercury (II) salt as a catalyst for the alkyne reaction.

At the same time, chloroauric acid has important applications in the preparation of nano-scale gold. It is generally used to reduce the nano-gold with fluorescence effect made by chloroauric acid by reducing agent, which has important applications in analytical chemistry.


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