BN nanopowder

Nano-boron nitride powder,Nano materials

Nano-boron nitride (BN) powder prepared by aerosol ablation has high purity, no impurities of ammonium chloride, small particle size, large specific surface area and high surface activity. Its crystal structure is similar to graphite layered structure, showing loose, lubricating, moisture absorption easily (after modification can overcome moisture absorption), light weight and other properties; it has excellent dry lubrication ability, extremely stable chemical properties, and low heat. Expansion coefficient, excellent high thermal conductivity insulating material at high temperature, hardness close to diamond, thermal stability and chemical properties superior to other materials.

High thermal conductivity insulating additives mainly used in transistor heat sealing dryer and plastic resin rubber coating; high thermal conductivity insulating filler such as high thermal conductivity insulating adhesive, thermal conductive plastic, thermal conductive film; drill bit, abrasive material, cutting tool; high temperature lubricant, release agent; high voltage and high frequency electric and plasma arc insulator, coating of automatic welding high temperature resistant bracket, high temperature. The materials of frequency induction furnace, solid-phase mixtures of semiconductors, structural materials of atomic reactor, packaging materials to prevent neutron radiation, transmission window of radar, dielectrics of radar antenna and components of rocket engine, etc.

As for the packaging of nano-boron nitride, it is packed in inert plastic bags, sealed and stored in dry and cool environment. It is not suitable to expose the air, prevent the oxidation agglomeration caused by dampness, which affects the dispersion performance and use effect. The number of packages can be provided according to customer's requirements and packed separately.


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