Highly catalytic and active nano titanium dioxide nanopowdernanoparticles

Highly catalytic and active nano titanium dioxide nanopowdernanoparticles

Product name : Highly catalytic and active nano titanium dioxide nanopowder/nanoparticles
CAS No. : 13463-67-7

Property :
Smaller particle size: smaller than 5nm and do not reunite with each other

Effective dispersal capacity: this style of nano titanium oxide has effective dispersal capacity, when you put it in water and shake lightly, it can become transparent liquid. you can spay liquid over the surface of wall and furniture, which will form even and transparent nano coating and do a function of cleaning air.

Higher catalytic activity: the catalytic activity of this style is 30 times higher than that of all nano titanium dioxide in the market with best catalytic activity by comparing and testing. This style can catch and decompose harmful gases in the room such as formaldehyde and benzene and ammonia.

Higher cost performance: per 100g powder of nano titanium dioxide can be made 20kg liquid of photo catalysis; the liquid is suitable for air purification of home and public places. The products are of good quality but inexpensive and convenient for using.

Specification :

Item no



White powder

Appearance of powder dissolved in water

Transparent liquid

Particle size




Surface property


Usage instructions :
Please dissolve 100g powder directly in 20kg pure water or distilled water or deionized water, then you can spay the water solution on wall, surface of furniture and inner space of cars.

Dosage : 1 liter of water solution can spay 100-150㎡.

Packing : 100g/pot


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