Nano Silica Dioxide

Nano Silica Dioxide

Product Name: Nano Silicon Dioxide, Nano SiO, Silica, Nano Silica Dioxide
Classification: silica oxide
CAS No.: 14808-60-7
MF: O==SI==O
EINECS No.: 215-684-8
Grade Standard: Electron Grade, Industrial Grade, Reagent Grade
Purity: 99.5%-99.99%
Appearance: white powder
Application: in resin
Model Number: Powder
Particle Size: 20-30

The chemical formula for silica is Sio. Silica has two forms which are crystal and amorphous. The existence of natural silica such as quartz, quartz sand collectively are known as silica. Pure quartz is a colorless crystal while the large, transparent prismatic quartz crystals are called crystals. Purple ones with trace impurities are called amethysts, as light yellow, gold and brown ones are called cairngorm. Chalcedony, agate, and jasper are colored quartz crystals containing impurities. Sand is a fine grain of quartz mixed with impurities. Opal and diatomite are amorphous silica. Silica has a wide range of uses, mainly used for making glass, sodium silicate, pottery, enamel, refractory, aerogel felt, ferrosilicon, moulding sand, silicon, cement, etc. In ancient times, silica was also used for making glaze and body of porcelain. Ordinary stones are mainly made of silica and calcium carbonate.

Silicon and carbon are similar in nature, but the properties of their oxides vary widely. CO2 is a molecular crystal, and SiO2 is an atomic crystal. SiO2 is a three-dimensional network structure formed by a silicon-oxygen tetrahedron. In the crystal structure, four valence electrons of silicon atoms form four covalent bonds with four oxygen atoms, and Si atoms are at the center of a regular tetrahedron. The O atom is at the apex of the tetrahedron. Each silicon atom is connected to four oxygen atoms, each of which is connected to two silicon atoms. The smallest ring in the crystal consists of 12 atoms (6 silicon atoms and 6 oxygen atoms), each silicon is shared by 6 rings, and the ratio of silicon to oxygen atoms in the crystal is 1:2.


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