Product Name: ZSM-11

Chemical composition: |Na+n(H2O)16|[AlnSi96-nO192]-MEL, n < 16

Channel structure: <100>105.3 x 5.4*** (3-dimensional)

Description: ZSM-11 zeolite is a high silica ZSM series, a member of the tetragonal, belonging to Pentasil zeolite, ten dollars from the oval ring made ​​of three-dimensional straight channels intersect.

Characteristics and Applications: ZSM-11 zeolite has a very unique crystal structure, the crystal structure of alumina is high, the crystal surface with a clear role and strong hydrophobic surface acidity, it is important to good shape-selective adsorbent and catalyst. For toluene - methanol alkylation, xylene isomerization and toluene disproportionation reaction  

Sealed and stored: This product is non-toxic. Improper use may cause mild irritation to the respiratory tract and eyes. Direct contact may cause dry skin. Wear masks and gloves when using.


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