ZSM-5 zeolite

ZSM-5 zeolite

Product name: zsm-5 nano zeolites; zeolite zsm-5 carcking; zeolite zsm-5, zsm-5

zsm-5 zeolites
Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.: 308081-08-5
EINECS No: 5-684-8
zsm-5 size: 50-100nm
zsm-5 MF: Sio2,Al2O3
MF: Sio2,Al2O3
EINECS No.: 215-684-8
Purity: 99+
Si/Al ratio: 25, 38, 50, 80

Type: Adsorbent
Adsorbent Variety: Molecular Sieve
Usage: Water Treatment Chemicals
Appearance: Powder or pellets or Sphere
Ammonia absorption values: More than 120mg
1. selective adsorption of gas or liquid
2.automobile gas catalyst.

3. waste water treatment.

4. additives for daily necessities

Product Description
ZSM-5 zeolite, belonging high-silica zeolite and having a Si/Al ratio of up to 1000 and above, also shows the hydrophobic characteristic. The structure feature of such a zeolite is that the vertical and horizonal parts are crystalline aluminosilicate composed of 10-membered channel. The basic structure is composed of eight 5-membered rings, which has channels only and is without cage-free cavities. ZSM-5 has two sets of cross channels, one of which is ellipse, and the window diameter thereof is 0.55 to 0.60nm. As the reaction space is similar to the shape of the access, the zeolite has a shape selection effect to the reactants and products. Moreover, ZSM-5 is a good raw material of selective catalyst due to the harmonious structure and hydrothermal stability.

ZSM-5 zeolite is widely applied to petrochemical processing industries, applied to the fluidifying, catalyzing and cracking process as an assistant for producing more propylene and liquefied gas, and improving the octane number of the gasoline. In addition, the zeolite can be applied to the production of ethylbenzene, xylene, phenol, pyridine,etc.


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