Cu-Ho Alloy

Copper holmium alloy,Copper alloy

Copper holmium alloy is a light red metallic luster and the metal ingot is in the form of a block. The content ratio is Ho: 10% or 15%, and the balance is mainly Cu.

The addition of rare earth element holmium Ho to the preparation of copper holmium alloy helps to promote copper refinement, purification and alloying, improve strength, hardness and electrical conductivity, and improve the properties of copper. However, the addition of metal holmium into the copper furnace liquid will cause burning, causing a serious burning rate, which is not conducive to controlling the amount of holmium added, and the rare earth content is too high or too low, which will have a negative impact on copper. In addition, holmium has a higher melting point relative to Cu and is not suitable for direct addition. At present, it is added in the form of a holmium copper intermediate alloy to reduce the burning rate and adjust the melting point.

Copper holmium alloy is added as a master alloy to the copper alloy furnace fluid to improve performance. For the copper-holmium alloy, the outer iron drum is lined with a plastic bag and vacuum-packed or argon-filled. The copper holmium alloy should be stored in a dry place at room temperature and sealed and stored in argon as much as possible to extend the shelf life.

For the addition of copper holmium alloy, use an additive such as a common deoxidizer, and then press it into the furnace liquid with a graphite bell jar (iron bell jar) and gently swim around to prevent the rare earth from segregating and allow the rare earth to diffuse rapidly and evenly. In the melt.


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