Hydrogen storagealloy ingots

Hydrogen storagealloy ingots

Product name: Hydrogen storagealloy ingots

Appearance: thin plate

Product Description: Hydrogen storage alloys are the materials that can absorb and desorb a large amount of hydrogen reversibly under certain temperatures and pressures. Metal hydride hydrogen storage device could utilize the alternative hydrogen absorbing ability of hydrogen storage alloys to achieve the solid form hydrogen storage. We have several types of this alloy, including AB5 type, which is the most common one for the hydrogen storage tank use. AB5 type rare earth nickel hydrogen storage alloy is a new type of secondary power. Nickel metal hydride tank (MH i) is the key to the battery anode material. It has low prices, good corrosion resistance, and alkaline medium.

Properties: This hydrogen storage alloy is designed and produced on our own. It has high hydrogen storage density with good dynamic performance. We can also supply AB2, AB, Mg-base type hydrogen storage alloys according to customers’ requirements.

Application: Mainly used to be negative electrode of the hydrogen storage battery.

Shipping: 15 days after payment

Packaging: vacuum bag or according to your request.


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