Cadmium metal

Cadmium metal,Rare metal,Cadmium

Cadmium metal is silvery white with a light blue luster, soft and wear resistant, tough and malleable, flammable and irritating. The melting point is 320.9 ° C, and its boiling point is between 765 ~ 767 ° C. It is a rare element in nature , and the content in the earth's crust is about 0.1~0.2mg/kg. Cadmium is found in zinc ore.

Cadmium slowly oxidizes and loses its luster in humid air. It forms a brown oxide layer when heated, and cadmium vapor burns to produce brown smoke.reacts with sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid to produce cadmium salts, but is insoluble in alkalis. Cadmium has good corrosion resistance to brine and lye.

Cadmium metal can be used to make nickel-cadmium batteries, for plastics and metal plating, for tires, for certain luminescent electronic components, and for nuclear reactors.

Cadmium metal can cause irritation to the respiratory tract. Long-term exposure can cause olfactory loss, gingival macula or gradual yellowing. Cadmium compounds are not easily absorbed by the intestines, but can be absorbed by the body through breathing, and accumulated in the liver or Icans, especially in the case of Kidney damage is most pronounced. It can also cause osteoporosis and softening.

Cadmium metal can cause great harm to the human body and the environment, so be careful.


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